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Nearest Airport - Mumbai (100kms), Pune (140kms) Nearest Railway Station - Pen(31kms), Nagothane(46kms), Kolad(60kms) Alibaug is an ex-Navi Mumbai / ex-Thane / ex-Mumbai / ex-Pune / ex-Valsad Getaway

Mount Abu

• Mount Abu (5000 ft asl) is a local getaway, a well-visited hill station and visited for Dilwara group of Jain temples (5 kms).
• Dilwara Temples are important pilgrimage center for Jains and the temples marble carvings are among the best in Rajasthan.
• Mt Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan and visited all round the year for its good weather. • Due to its proximity to Ahmedabad (210 km), it’s a popular ex-Ahmedabad weekend getaway. The Brahmakumaris complex here is also well visited by its devotees all round the year.
• Abu has a few heritage hotels that give a very good experience (Palace hotel Bikaner house being the best) and there is a lake for boating.

Access Information

• Nearest Airport -Udaipur (180kms), Ahmedabad (210kms), Jodhpur (228kms)
• Nearest Railway Station - Abu Road(22kms), Palanpur(80kms), Jalore(120kms)
• Mount Abu is an ex-Ahmedabad / ex-Jodhpur Getaway

Place to Visit

Name Description Distance(kms)

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is centre of tourist attraction in Mount Abu at a walking distance from town centre. Raghunath Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace are also on hills near the Lake.


Vimala Vashi Temple

Vimala Vashi Temple is a Jain temple at 2.5 kms Mount Abu town centre dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankaras. The metallic idol of Adinath, made of brass and gold makes it worth a visit for tourists.


Sunset Point Mount Abu

Sunset point is 3 kms from Mount Abu and a popular evening point for tourists to converge.


Adhar Devi Temple

Adhar Devi Temple is a cave temple set on a peak 3 kms north of Mount Abu dedicated to Goddess Durga. The access comprises 365 steps.


Dilwara Jain Temple Complex

Mount Abu is home to one of the most visited and architecturally renowned Jain temples (11 to 13th century), Dilwara Temples. The complex comprises many temples


View Points around Mount Abu

There are number of view points around Mount abu within 5 kms radius that are popular for tourists. Honeymoon Point Mount Abu - Offers views of the Abu Valley and acres of lush greenary. Toad Hill Mount Abu - Resembling the posture of a frog leaping from the hill to the water. Trevors Tank Mount Abu - Situated just 5 kms from the hill town and good for bird watching.


Brahmakumaris Complex Mount Abu

Brahmakumaris Complex at Mount Abu is home to the World Headquarters of the institution and has hosted the International Peace Conference since 1982. Within this compound hundreds of thousands of old and new students have been welcomed and taken part in meditation courses, Raja Yoga camps and meetings with the senior members of the Brahma Kumaris for the past four decades.


Gaumukh Temple

The Gaumukh Temple is dedicated to Saint Vashishth who is believed to have performed a yagna there to create four major Rajput clans.


Luna Vashi Temple

Luna Vashi Temple is a Jain Temple dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras at few kilometers from Dilwara Temple.


Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 288 sq kms and home to 250+ species of birds and excellent for bird watching. Sanctuary is also home to Leopards. Sloth bear, Wild boar, Sambar, Chinkara and Langur are the other inhabitants here. Safari infrastructure is not extensive and therefore Sanctuarys appeal is limited to ardent Bird watchers.


Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh Fort was built in 1452 at 11 kms from Mount Abu. The fort is massive and therefore makes it worth a visit.


Mount Abu Observatory

The Infrared Telescope at Mount Abu is the first major facility in India. The observatory is at an altitude of 5000 ft asl adjacent to Gurushikhar. The site has been found to be good (about 150 cloud free nights per year) for astronomical obsevations.


Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar, a peak at an altitude of 5,676 feet (1722 meters), is the highest point in Rajasthan. It is located at a distance of 15 km from Mount Abu. It has a commanding view of Abu and its surroundings. There is also a temple here of Lord Dattatreya, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.



Name Description Distance(kms)

Dharoi Dam

Dharoi Dam is a gravity dam on the Sabarmati river near Dharoi near Mehsana. Guests visit there for views of the lake formed ont he dam as an excursion from Hatharva.


Ambaji Pilgrimage

Ambaji Temple at Ambaj is considered one of the Shakti Peethas and has considerable local and regional importance. Ambaji Temple if one of the major regional pilgrim centre and gets hundreds of thousands of devotees arriving everyday for darshan.


Kumbhariyaji - Jain Pilgrimage

Kumbhariyaji at Ambaji (a walk away from Ambaji Temple) are a beautiful cluster of live 1034-1162 AD Kain temple with intricate marble carving rivaling those of Dilwara and Ranakpur. Kumbhariyaji is visited as a part of ex-Ahmedabad pilgrimage itinerary alongwith Mahudi, Vadnagar, Taranga and Dilwara temple.


Places Visited Enroute

Name Description Distance(kms)

Stepwell at Patan

Rani-ki-Vav at Patan (11th Century) is a set of stepwells and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site List since 1998. This magnificent east facing step well measures approximately 64m long, 20m wide & 27m deep. A stepped corridor compartmented at regular intervals with pillared multi-storeyed pavilions is a unique feature. It was one of the largest and the most sumptuous structures of its type. There are many Tourist Attractions around Patan including Forts, Vavs (Step Wells), Talavs (Lakes) and places of worships. Salvivad, a place where Patolas (Textile handicraft) are woven along with places where traditional clay toys are made are also worth visiting. Patan is typically visited enroute from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu / Palanpur / Ambaji or as excursion ex-Ahmedabad alongwith Modhera Sun Temple.


Modhera Sun temple

The Sun Temple (1026 AD) at Modhera in Gujarat, is a temple dedicated to the Hindu Sun-God, Surya. Sun temple today is a well maintained site and a popular visit enroute for all travellers. There is a stepwell within a temple complex and Sun temple is characterised by erotic carvings.