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Nearest Airport - Mumbai (100kms), Pune (140kms) Nearest Railway Station - Pen(31kms), Nagothane(46kms), Kolad(60kms) Alibaug is an ex-Navi Mumbai / ex-Thane / ex-Mumbai / ex-Pune / ex-Valsad Getaway


• Matheran (2500 ft) is located on off the Mumbai-Pune Route and also accessible by Train (a heritage train) via Neral.
• Matheran is perhaps the only hill station in India that still does not allow cars and guests even today take a horseback ride or a hand rickshaw ride like they used to do in 1930s.
• Matheran is choice of Hikers and Trekkers who arrive here every weekend from different routes around.
• Matheran wears a thick evergreen forest like character and excellent those who like walking around
• Matheran has been a renowned Summer destinations for tourists around Gujarat and Maharashtra
• During monsoon it really rains hard here and the whole Matheran area is enveloped in thick mist
• From a pure rainforest and ecology point of view, Matheran is one to behold and it’s a delight for those who wish to study bugs, butterflies and all kinds of tiny little reptiles and creatures

Access Information

• Nearest Airport -Mumbai (100kms), Pune (120kms)
• Nearest Railway Station - Matheran
• Matheran is an ex-Navi Mumbai / ex-Mumbai / ex-Pune / ex-Valsad Getaway

Place to Visit

Name Description Distance(kms)

Pisharnath Temple

Pisarnath Temple is a Lord Shiva temple and one of the oldest temples in Matheran. Tourists on a walk towards the lake often visit the temple enroute.


Charlotte Lake

A prominent lake in Matheran that supplies water to the hill station. There is no boating here.


Sunset Point / Panorama Point

Sunset Point and Panorama Point (Sunrise point) are set in opposite direction at 2.5 kms from Matheran town centre. These offer excellent views of the valley and are popular points where tourists converge.


One Tree Hill Point

A big rock face having one tree atop a hill offering excellent views of the plains below.


Mount Berry

Mount Berry offers a excellent views of Neral town and plains below.



Name Description Distance(kms)

Matheran Heritage Train

Neral - Matheran Heritage train is a pre-independence era train often termed as "Toy Train". It is one of the 4 such railway lines still operational in India. The train is also the only way to reach Matheran town centre directly from Neral. Train is not operational in Monsoon season.


Horseriding in Matheran

Horse riding in Matheran is popular with guests. Its the easiest way to traverse around Matheran between points without much effort. Horses are readily available for hire in the main market area and outside major hotels. Hire charges can vary based on season (Bargaining recommended).


Walks around Matheran

Walking in Matheran is by default the first option to move around (others being hand cart or horseback). There are number of walking trails around Matheran that lead to the Charlotte lake and various points like Panorama Point etc. There are not many steep slopes and so overall its easy to walk. The entire Matheran is covered with thick trees and therefore excellent for a walk even in middle of the day.


Points in Matheran

There are 30+ different view points in Matheran. They offer valley views from different sides. These are all approachable on a walk from anywhere in Matheran (3 km radius from town centre).