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Nearest Airport - Mumbai (100kms), Pune (140kms) Nearest Railway Station - Pen(31kms), Nagothane(46kms), Kolad(60kms) Alibaug is an ex-Navi Mumbai / ex-Thane / ex-Mumbai / ex-Pune / ex-Valsad Getaway


• Mahabaleshwar is the larqest hill-station (4000+ ft asl) of Maharashtra.
• Mahabaleshwar is popular with getaway seekers especially from Mumbai and Pune.
• Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani (20 kms) are twin destinations known for its heritage bungalows, getaway resorts, strawberry cultivation and number of view points and recreation activities
• Mahabaleshwar is very- crowded during weekends and holiday periods such as Christmas, Diwali and Summer Holidays.

Access Information

• Nearest Airport -Pune (120kms), Mumbai (260kms)
• Nearest Railway Station - Satara(54kms), Mahad(60kms), Karad(98kms)
• Mahabaleshwar is an ex-Pune / ex-Kolhapur / ex-Navi Mumbai / ex-Thane / ex-Mumbai / ex-Nashik Getaway

Place to Visit

Name Description Distance(kms)

Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church is a colonial era Church and a prominent monument near town centre in Mahabaleshwar.


Wilson Point

Wilson Point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar at 4500+ ft asl. Wilson point is the only location in Mahabaleshwar where both sunrise and sunset can be seen. It offers a excellent top view of Mahabaleshwar. Wilson Point is standard sightseeing


Venna Lake

Venna Lake is where like any typical hill station in India, has guest arriving for a bit of boating and horse riding.


Connaught Peak

Connaught peak is the 2nd highest peak around Mahabaleshwar and a view point offering excellent valley views.


3 Monkey Point

3 Monkey Point is named because of the natural sculpture of the stones looking like three monkeys sitting next to each other


Mahabaleshwara Temple

Lord Shiva temple in Old Mahabaleshwar (known as Kshetra Mahabaleshwar). Mahabaleshwar got name from this temple.


Kates Point

Kates point is located to the east of Mahabaleshwar and is renowned for its view of two reservoirs from here. Kates point visit is part of standard sightseeing done by Toursts Cabs in Mahabaleshwar. Needle hole point is located near Kates Point. One can see a natural rock formation with a hole in between, thus giving the name Needle-hole


Tiger Spring

Tiger Spring is a small natural spring which is believed to be the source of Savitri River.


Panchganga Temple

A temple renowned for a 5 different river mixture of holy water (thats why referred to as "Paanchganga"). The river named Krishna, savitri, venna, gayatri and koyna flowing closely in Mhabaleshwar mountains.


Marjorie Point

Marjorie Point is a view point near Elphinstone point at an altitude of 4000+ ft asl overlooking panaromic views of Sahyadri ranges


Elephants Head Point

The Elephants Head Point is a view point at 12 kms from Mahabaleshwar. The view point is set on a rock that has a shape of elephants head.


Mapro Garden

Mapro garden is set on Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani road around Mapro Jam factory where one arrives for purchasing all kinds of local produce such as Strawberry Jams, crush etc. The snack counter outside that serves sandwiches and shakes is also very popular.


Arthurs Seat

Arthurs seat is a view point at about 4000 ft asl. Tourist cabs have this point in their tourist plans. Guests also visit Tiger Spring enroute. Guests also visit Dinosaur view point and Window point from Arthurs Seat (requires 200 ft walk).



Name Description Distance(kms)

On Wheelz

On Wheelz is an amusement park in Panchgani that offers all kinds of rides for kids and adults.


Table Top Land

Table Top Land is a mountain pleateau at Panchgani and where tourists converge in the evening for some rides and views. One of the unique aspect of this pleateau is that nothing ever seems to grow here.


Pratapgarh Fort

Pratapgad fort (3000+ ft asl) is an King Shivaji era fort 15 kms off Mumbai - Goa highway


Tapola Lake

Tapola Lake is a set at 27 kms from Mahabaleshwar and is popular with tourists for a visit. Here Canoing / Kayaking / Wind surfing is conducted by Nature trails camp set here.



Name Description Distance(kms)

Horse Riding in Mahabaleshwar

Horse riding is a popular activity in Mahabaleshwar. Horses are available for hire near Lake or outside many prominent hotels. Guests prefer to ride alongside walking trails around Mahabaleshwar.


Strawberry Farm Visit

Strawberry farms are situated all around Mahabaleshwar, most prominently on Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani Road. Its possible to visit them or just enjoy Strawberry crush / shake served by the stalls around them. Strawberry season is Jan - March. Besides Strawberries other fruits cultivated include Mulberry, Blue berry and raspberries.