Travel industry in India is the second most glamorous industry after bollywood. India ’s travel industry is of over 50,000 Crore Rupees and growing ever since. India has yet to realise its full potential from tourism.

Patel Holidays is not old in the field but it promises to serve better than those who are old. Our company commenced 2010 Rajkot, Gujarat. Patel Holidays has been providing best services to the valuable customers. Company is providing tours services starting from Rajkot and ending with Rajkot covering major tour packages & destinations of India. The founder Mr. Shailesh Padariya has specialised and experienced in this field since 2007.

Patel Holidays based in Gujarat is a one stop Travel House. People of Gujarat love to explore and discover various destinations across the globe. We make their experience and their relaxation more advanced and satisfied. We arrange tours to places you want to visit including fascinating destinations in India and abroad.

From highly experienced team, good hotels, unique sightseeing, we ensure an have unforgettable experience. Assurance of a safe and smooth journey with, relaxation and satisfaction from start until return home has become the only objective for us.

Client’s trust & Our Experience together has allowed us to reach this mile stone!!

Our Services Makes The Difference..

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